Kabriele Rosas is Originally from Mexico City, although she has been living in different places since she moved from her original country at the age of 19.

The artist along with her art pieces not necessary have a constant style or genera ; they both transformed and mutate along  with her experiences and travels , she likes to describe her self as' Artista Ambulante'.

Before living in Seattle in 2011 for 5 years, she lived and traveled in different places, such as Waldron Island, Los Angeles, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maputo, Salvador Bahia, Marseilles, Madrid and others.

In Seattle she started experimenting with carpentry as well with props and scenery for theater, that opened up another way of introducing and mixing her artwork and style at the time with what she was currently doing.


She recently moved to San Miguel de Allende In the State of Guanajuato in Mexico,  where she is working on a project that includes a Eco village 15 minutes away from downtown San Miguel de Allende.  She plans to have artist residencies that works close with the community as well as collaborating with other artist keeping and helping the Eco Village visual concept as well strengthening culture in the region .  The Art residencies will include, Music , Theater, Dance, Literature, Multimedia, Composers, Welders, Carpenters,Muralist, Permaculture and Organic farming among others.


Most of her work its  greatly influenced by nature and rural living conditions in contrast with mega-cities and slums. The color and detail go deeper into contemplation - they are a major part of the artwork that screams to bring attention and awareness for people that are forgetting the simplicity and beauty of life without technology.

She feels we are  living in a fast and empty, complicated era that is gradually making new generations who don't know about the natural world. This technological madness and other issues of globalization have been challenging for her, yet at the same time giving inspiration for her paintings and the ability to feel a part of the simple beauty that we once had.


Growing food, working in rural areas, and volunteering in different projects have definitely changed the way she sees the art world and contemporary art in general. Working at organic farms and non-profit organizations has had an enduring influence on her artwork. she has given art workshops for street kids and orphans in third-world countries, such as Mexico, Mozambique and some regions in Brazil. Starting income-generating projects in Mozambique to support workshops for kids has been an interesting way for her to show and involve herself in a community in dire scarcity of resources and abound with talented children in need of an artistic outlet. She is planning to continue this way of living helping others and collaborating with other artist but now in her own project along with other artist.